Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Taliesin Ascendant *Book Review/ Giveaway*


The war isn't over.

And new enemies await. 

Life on the run hasn't been easy, but so far, Ashe has survived. But now Carter has ordered her to leave the Hunters and find her family's people – an order she can't refuse, no matter how much she wants to stay. 

Following his command will bring her into an unknown world, however – a world filled with new enemies and old prejudices that will demand more of her than she can imagine, at a cost higher than she'll ever be willing to pay. 

(Book Two of The Children and The Blood)

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A Writing Junkies Perspective

       Megan Joel Peterson has done it again; with her second novel, Taliesin Ascendant, from her, The Children and the Blood series coming out soon, fans of hers will be left crying, shouting, and rooting for their favorite characters as they embark on new adventures in the secret world that Peterson has created.
Taliesin Ascendant picks up where The Children and the Blood left off. Ashe is still on the run and The Blood are still going after her and killing countless people. There’s an invisible war going on and most, if not all, humans have no idea of what’s going on— it doesn’t help that nobody believes her when she tells them about the Blood and their distrustful antics.  Cole and Lily are still on the move, trying to escape the Blood and the Taliesin who are going after them.  There are new enemies and old foes return again.

Peterson’s second novel is even more action packed than her first one and it starts off where her cliffhanger left us; and her ability to open up a new scene and transport the reader there is amazing. I would advise that potential readers read the first novel first so that you can understand the premise of the second novel.  Peterson is probably one of my favorite authors at this point in time, simply because her story telling and character building skills are above par, and her editing skills leave you wanting for nothing.  However, there was one terms that confused me a bit, but I quickly understood it and was back to reading the novel smoothly.

Taliesin Ascendant is and pulse pounding novel that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat, gripping the pages as your mind twists along with the plot, and as your spine tingles with the suspense and action. 

This book gets 4 out of 5 Writing Junkies*!

About the Author

Megan Joel PetersonMegan Joel Peterson lives somewhere between the cornfields of Illinois and fantasy worlds filled with magic and wizards. She has a degree in English Literature from the University of Illinois, and has worked a little bit of everywhere over the years. Now she spends her days and nights creating new stories, and thinks writing is the best job she ever could have asked for. The Children and The Blood is her first published novel.

* 4/5
4 – Great Story: These include books that are very enjoyable for me to read but have some very minor issues with the writing, such as characters that are missing something or maybe were way over written, or if the language confused me at one point in time. 

Megan was kind enough to give away one of her books. Enter the contest for your chance to win!!

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