Tuesday, August 20, 2013

College: Round II

A whole summer has passed away and i'm now entering my sophomore year of college. In four days I'll be moving in!
I'm slightly anxious to the point that I yell out "I'm nervous" at random points during the day. I think that i'm mistaking my excitement for being anxious. I did really well academically last year and I hope to do even better this year, I met really amazing individuals who i'm pleased to call my friends, and I took some amazing classes with amazing professors.
 However, there are always the little blemishes that occur that you don't want to ever happen again. That's why I feel as if becoming a sophomore is like a second round in the ring, you'll win some and lose some but at least you get a second chance.

Here are my top 5 tips for surviving my second year

5 Focus on a Few Things Rather Than Taking on a Ton of Stuff
Are you a member of like 20 different organizations yet nobody has ever noticed your inconsistent presence there? Then you might be a "jack of all trades" in the school realm. 
Last year I participated in a lot of things. Some of them i'm a part of because I did them in high school and I can't imagine life without them, like Student Government ,and the Writer's Guild. I also floated into some club meetings once or twice a year, like the yoga club and the anime club. I was also a member of some committees, was a member of the tennis team, Alpha Epsilon Rho, and I attempted to be as social as possible. Here's the thing, when you try to take on everything you end up not being good at anything because you can't spend enough time on them. Say yes to new opportunities but don't stick with them when you realize they are draining and you don't have the heart or time for them. 

4 Get Rid of Those Ridiculous Prerequisites 
I honestly wish that I had taken care of my pre-req's last year, but I did not. I was far too excited by the opportunity to take poetry classes, literature classes, a history of poetry class, a journalism course....you get what i'm saying. You don't want to be that senior who has to take an intro to math class, or at least I don't. I still need to take a math class and another science class (cries in a corner). Get those out of the way early so that you can focus on your major and make sure that everything is in order.

3 Be Presentable!
This was never an issue for me, but this issue is a deadly virus that makes me ill to see.
Please, this is not only for college but for life. Do NOT walk around campus, town, city or whatever in your pajamas. Please, just don't do it. At any moment you could meet somebody important (a professor, a future and potential employer), and you could lose out on opportunities dressing in a sloppy, unconcerned manner. Life is like one big interview, you are constantly being judged so put a good foot first! A professor even said during an academic panel at my school that she thinks those students are less serious. So dress nicely, even jeans and a nice shirt are fine.

2 Start Right
During my first year in college I went through a period of time when I wanted to transfer and go home. I was tired of working, tired of people, tired of the environment, and I was just frustrated. Thank God that I never did transfer, because I love my school. I realized that I wasn't starting my day off right. I was falling asleep around 2 or 3 am, I was hanging out with people I really didn't want to be around, I was frustrated with one of my classes,  I was eating chips, salsa, smoothies and kit kat bars everyday (serious) and I wasn't taking care of myself. I found ways to relax and start my day on the right note. I would wake up and read for a few minutes, this was extremely calming. I stayed away from my laptop and just checked my phone for the weather. I would then make tea or hot chocolate (coffee makes me ill), and I would take a nice warm shower. I started picking my outfits the night before so that my morning was less hectic. I went to the gym once or twice a week, joined the yoga group, made a daily and weekly to-do list that was flexible, and got really involved in my school's Christian Fellowship. Find out what relaxes you and cut out unhealthy relationships and activities.

1 You're in College to do College Work
I did really well last year, however, even I got lazy. Sometimes my multiple alarms wouldn't go off on time and I would just look at the time and then roll back over to sleep. Sometimes I would joke around with some of my coursework and put in a halfhearted attempt. Get the most bang for your buck by working hard and putting 100% into your work, nothing more and nothing less. I forgot for a while, in the midst of fun and friend, that i'm here to do work. I've decided to implement a work before fun rule. I always ended up finishing my work, 10 minutes before class or a day before. I'm a good student but I could be better. There's always room for improvement!

So have fun, do your work, stay healthy (mentally and physically), get those pre-req's out of the way, be presentable, and know your limits. Simple, right?

What would you add to this list?



  1. best of luck! sophomore year was my best year :) great blog!

  2. Hi Vett, Thank you!I'm looking forward to this school year, and thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. Hey, thanks so much for your comment! Yes, I usually wear dresses and skirts all the time:) So girly!
    Nice post!
    Best wishes, Corinna


  4. Thanks for leaving a comment, Corinna!

  5. be presentable! wooh I'd been on the same shoes! i graduated from college way back 3 years and im telling you will do just fine :) please visit me around sometime :) http://niewantoshare.blogspot.com/

    1. Hi Queenis, thanks for commenting! I'm already on campus and it's going pretty well!

  6. All of these tips are really good. I have to agree with looking presentable. Sure some people's pjs look fab, but I don't think professors are going to gush over pants with cartoon characters and bunny slippers.

    If I want to add anything to the list, I want people to know their limits and balance their lifestyle. It's very similar to #5, but it goes for almost any situation. Whether it's about eating or partying, it's important for them to know when to have control. That's something we all have to learn in college. (Especially if you live away from your parents.)

    Good luck with your sophomore year. You're going to do swell. And please continue blogging. Your content is pretty neat.

    -Lisa (fellow college student)

    1. Being in control of your life is a very serious point to add :)

      Thanks for coming by this blog!

  7. Remember to enjoy your time in school and cherish the friendships you make. Make as many memories as you can. It goes by way too quickly. :)

    1. I know, it does go by quickly! I'll cherish the moments haha
      thanks for commenting, Ariel!

  8. Love reading your blog, you sound like a wondeful young lady, I know you will do marvelous in school. Study hard, have fun, keep in touch with family, stay healthy, follow your dreams. Thank you. A Mom of a college student. A.B.